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What Our Clients Say


“Kaya's greatest strength, in our experience, is the team. They are experienced and extremely well-prepared professionals who have a deep understanding of their clients and the challenges we face as social entrepreneurs. I can only recommend their services, with absolute trust.

Diana Popa | CEO, Esoko Mexico

“Kaya provided smart, innovative and trustworthy advice and expertise, allowing us to successfully raise capital from three impact investors within 12 months. The team's availability, dedication and initiative were constant, from the elaboration of the financial model and projections until the final negotiations.”

Alex Eaton |CEO, Sistema Biobolsa

“Kaya helped us reach a transformational point. With the outsourced CFO program, the team helped us structure and optimise our financial operations and provided us with relevant strategic insights. This was decisive in then obtaining the loan we needed for the continued success of our business.”

Manuel Wiechers | CEO, IluMexico