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What We Do

Kaya specializes in capital advisory services for social entrepreneurs looking to raise capital to grow and scale their business. 

We make the investment process smoother for all parties by preparing carefully selected social entrepreneurs at the onset of their capital raise and by accompanying the negotiation process in order to ensure investments terms aligned with the long term success of the social business.


We believe that Social Businesses are essential components of a more just world where every individual has equal opportunity to develop his or her potential. 

Today, we think that Impact Investing market participants are facing challenges that are different even though they are intertwined.

For impact ventures:

  • Limited investment readiness and financial literacy.

  • Lack of network to draw upon for potential relevant investors.

For funds:

  • Need more assistance in developing investment/impact thesis in line with their objectives.

  • Need of potential investor network to draw upon for capital raise.

For investors:

  • Can't find quality deals or co-investors'.

What we offer

For Ventures and Funds:

Investment Advisory Services

  • Venture diagnostic and investment readiness consulting, including financial model creation and investment material development.

  • Investor matchmaking and deal closing support, including preparation of investment documentation, valuation and term sheet analysis.

Impact Fund Capital Advisory Services

  • Investment and impact thesis advisory, including PPM support.

  • Investor matchmaking.

For Investors:

  • Pipeline of carefully screened and prepared investment opportunities.

  • Co-investment matchmaking.

DISCLAIMER: Kaya only provides strategic business advice and educational services to clients. We do not offer investment advice or recommendations, we do not manage transactions, and we do not hold client funds.